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San Antonio Poetry Archive at Palo Alto College: Local Poets and Resources

Local Poetry Resources


San Antonio Poets Interview Collection (SAPA-001)

        Wendy Barker.  Interview by Jessica Germain.
        Vincent Cooper. Interview and materials gathered by Joshua Alfaro.
        Fernando Esteban Flores. Interview and materials gathered by Dylan Martin.
        Dino Fox. Interview and materials gathered by Ben Longoria.
        Jason "Shaggy" Gossard. Interview by Joshua Alfaro.
         Laurie Ann Guerrero. Interview by Leah Smylie.
        Victoria Garcia-Zapata Klein. Interview and materials gathered by Isabel Aguilar.
        Bryce Milligan. Interview by Brandon Bombadier.
        Naomi Shihab Nye. Interview and materials gathered by Heather Orchard.
        Laura Van Prooyen. Interview by Sarah Burchett.
        Gerard Robledo. Interview and materials gathered by Sarah Burchett.
        Andrea "Vocab" Sanderson. Interview and materials gathered by Melissa Croom.
        Carmen Tafolla. Interview and materials gathered by Isabel Aguilar.
        Natalia Trevino. Interview by Heather Orchard.
        Jacinto Jesus Cardona. Interview by Ben Longoria.

Author-Donated Collections

         SAPA-002: Milo and Vivian Kearney Collection
         SAPA-003: Fernando Esteban Flores Collection
         SAPA-004: Naomi Shihab Nye Collection
         SAPA-005: Darby Riley Collection
         SAPA-006: Bryce Milligan Collection
         SAPA-007: Laurie Ann Guerrero Collection
         SAPA-008: Martha Saenz Collection
         SAPA-009: Roberto Bonazzi Collection
         SAPA-010: Via Poetry on the Move Collection
         SAPA-011: Voices de la Luna Collection
         SAPA-012: Jenny Browne Collection
         SAPA-013: Carmen Tafolla Collection


San Antonio Poets

Jenny Browne

Through afterschool programs like Urban Smarts and in the college classroom, Jenny Browne spent years dedicated to teaching that tumultuous self-discovery can safely be experienced within the poem. She learned this first hand on an undergraduate trip to Sierra Leone, West Africa, where poetry helped her sort through the confusion of self and surroundings.  Her work is described as from “memory and narrative, thought and feeling,” oscillating readers between her unpredictability and that feeling of being wrapped in a familiar blanket.

Browne earned her Master in Fine Arts from the James Michener Center for Writers at the University of Texas at Austin. She has accepted multiple fellowships in creative writing including from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Texas Writers League, and the Poetry Society of America.  As an active community member, she’s worked with organizations such as the San Antonio Housing Authority, Gemini Ink, and the Good Samaritan Center. She is currently an associate professor at Trinity University and the Poet Laureate of San Antonio.

Fernando Flores

Fernando Esteban Flores believes that “a writer should utilize all tools to him” and seeks to fuse both the power of art with that of poetry so that an encounter with the written word provokes a multi-sensory and cinematic experience. A native Tejano from San Antonio, Flores returned to the city after graduating from UT in Austin and taught writing at various secondary schools until 2013.  Flores’ community contributions and writings have earned him a spot as a judge for San Antonio Public Library’s Pegasus poetry anthology, local awards in teaching excellence and community service, and a nomination for a coveted Pushcart Prize. Flores has declared himself committed for life to poetry, a commitment from which San Antonio will continue to reap the benefits.

Laurie Ann Guerrero

Laurie Ann Guerrero was born and raised on the Southside of San Antonio and attended Palo Alto College for a short time before transferring and completing her B.A. degree at Smith College, followed by a MFA from Drew University.  Guerrero’s complex narratives savor her experiences as a granddaughter, mother, Chicana, and feminist, earning her several honors, including the Panhandler Publishing Award, the Rosemary Thomas Poetry Prize, and the 2012 Andres Montoya Poetry Prize. In 2014 Poets & Writers Magazine named her one of its top 10 emerging poets. She leaves her role as San Antonio’s second Poet Laureate at the end of March 2016 and begins a new chapter as the 2016 Texas State Poet Laureate in April.

Bryce Milligan

Bryce Milligan is the author of four collections of poetry, five historical novels and short story collections for young adults, and five locally produced plays.  As a modern-day renaissance man, Milligan has been a folksinger, a maker of guitars, drums and dulcimers, a carpenter, a rare book bibliographer and appraiser, a college English and creative writing instructor, a poet-in-the-schools, an arts administrator, a book and magazine editor, a book designer, a critic, and a publisher. Milligan holds a Master of Arts degree in language and linguistics (Anglo-Saxon and Old Irish) from the University of Texas at Austin and has lived in San Antonio since 1977.

Naomi Shihab Nye

Naomi Shihab Nye began writing poetry as a child, publishing her first poem at the age of 7. Born to a Palestinian father and American mother, Nye moved to San Antonio as a teenager, graduating from Robert E. Lee High School, and later, Trinity University.  Her poetry is often referred to as “transcending boundaries,” illuminating diverse perspectives and different cultures. Nye’s writings earned her many awards and recognition, including four Pushcart Prizes, a Jane Addams Children's Book Award, a Paterson Poetry Prize, a Guggenheim Fellowship, and a Lannan Fellowship. While she considers herself a “wandering poet,” it’s San Antonio that she calls her home