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A guide on informational sources for the beginning investor or the business student.


This guide offers informational sources for those interested in investing in the stock market or for students pursuing education in the field of finance. Veteran investors may also find some information they can use.

Films on Demand

Books at the Palo Alto College Library

Finding books on the stock market at the Palo Alto College Library is a very simple process. Just type invest or stocks in the keyword search box and a list of books on investing will appear.

*Please note, that although many of our print books are in storage, we still have complete access to our electronic books.

 Below is a link to the library catalog.

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For assistance in using the resources at the Ozuna Library, please see the Reference Librarian.  Also, should you need items not available at the Ozuna Library, you may request the library borrow from other libraries by filling out an Inter-Library Loan request.  Texshare cards are available at the Circulation Desk, the Texshare card will allow you to check out items from other college libraries.

Print Periodicals at the Palo Alto College Library

These periodicals deal primarily with business and investments:

Wall Street Journal

Bloomberg Businessweek

 The Business section of most newspapers has up-to-date information on investments. At the Palo Alto College Library, you will find:

New York Times

San Antonio Express-News


Find stock quotes, market averages, and financial news stories on Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, and the Wall Street Journal's Market Watch. For financial disclosures on publicly traded companies use the Securities and Exchange Commission website.

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