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Library Information Literacy Modules: Welcome & Instructions


Faculty: There are six information literacy modules available. Each tab contains module. The modules contain tutorials, videos, and a quiz.  At this time, a  module completion certificate is not available for proof of module completion.  A certificate is currently in development by our vendor.  Instructors will be notified as soon as a completion certificate becomes available so that students may provide instructors with proof of module completion.  In the interim, quiz scores will be emailed to the instructors weekly (Fridays*) via a secure file share server as proof of module completion.  Instructions for accessing the file sharing are available below.


*Friday Holidays:   Grades will be sent on the following Mondays.

Welcome and Instructions

Welcome to the Library Information Literacy Modules

Each module is located on an individual tab.  Modules may be completed  in any order.  A quiz will be administered at the end of each module.  The quiz contains 5 questions and each questions worth 20 points.

At each module complete the 3 steps:

  Step 1                                          Step 2                                                     Step 3

Introduction                          Review the Lessons                                    Take the Quiz


You will be asked to login to quiz.   The library will submit  quiz scores weekly* to the instructor noted in the quiz login page.  If you are not completing a module for a class, please email for your quiz score.

A quiz score of 80 or higher  is a passing score.

In order to better evaluate the effectiveness of the modules, please take this  Pre-Test prior to completing any of the modules. The Pre-Test  score is for  library  evaluation purposes only and will not be forwarded to your instructor.


*Grades are submitted to instructors on Fridays. If Friday is a holiday, grades will be sent on the following Monday.

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