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Library Information Literacy Modules: Welcome & Instructions



Additional tutorial and video content has been added to several modules in Fall 2019.  Content includes updates to current videos as well as some new content.


Proof of Completion Email

Previously, students who received a quiz score of 80% or better  would download a completion certificate PDF.  This certificate would be saved to a  desktop and emailed to the instructor as proof of module completion.  Beginning January 22, students will receive their quiz results for each module quiz completed no matter the score and can email the score to the instructor (please advise students if you  require a minimum quiz score as proof of completion).

The email will include the student's name, quiz name, and date.   Because the library modules utilize Credo Reference software, the module completion email that you receive will display CREDO Assessment Results in the subject line (see below).



FOR STUDENTS: Welcome and Instructions

Welcome to the Library Information Literacy Modules

Each module is located on an individual tab.  Modules may be completed  in any order.  A quiz will be administered at the end of each module.  The quiz contains 5 questions and each questions worth 20 points.  

At each module complete the 3 steps:

  Step 1                                       Step 2                                                  Step 3

Introduction                          Review the Lessons                                 Take the Quiz


Proof of Completion: At the end of each module quiz,  you will see instructions on how to email your module quiz score to yourself and your instructor.    See the image below. This email will have Credo Assessment Results as the subject line and be from Credo Courseware.   Please note that your instructor may require a minimum quiz score. Check with your instructor for any score requirements. The quiz may be taken more than once.



In order to better evaluate the effectiveness of the modules, please take this  Pre-Test prior to completing any of the modules. The Pre-Test  is not required and the score is for  library  evaluation purposes only.


Module Contact Information