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Library STEM Summer Camps 2021: Camp 1: Mars

Journey to Mars

Welcome to Mars...

Perseverance Mars Rover's Master Camera Z

Mars Helicopter Ingenuity

This is MARS in 4K UHD

by Seán Doran© Made with MastcamZ images from Perseverance Rover / Sol 004 / Jezero Crater / Mars Source data was denoised, repaired, graded and upscaled for this film. Images by NASA / JPL-Caltech / ASU / MSSS Music by Chris Zabriskie /​ Perhaps It Was Not Properly Manufactured 00:05:29​ And It Is There, in Those Depths 00:12:10​ Wonder Cycle 00:17:50​ Where Have All The Cybertrackers Gone? 00:23:03​ Your Journey Is Resuming Now All rights reserved / Redistribution prohibited without license


Making it to Mars: Perseverance

CLICK ON THE LINK for more Mars videos from the Boston Museum of Science.  

Activities and Extras

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Who was Annie Jump Cannon?

Video from the Boston Museum of Science.