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PSYC2301 M. Madrigal Spring 2023- Intersex Project: Debate Information

Debate Info

This page provides access to several writing  resources in the boxes below.

Writing Help box provides info on the Writing Assistance Center tutoring lab.

E-books from the Ozuna Library box provides links to e-books on debate.

Debate Skills Online Resources box provides links to help guides on debate.

REMINDER:  Check with Ms. Madrigal for any questions about how prepare for your debate.

Writing Help

The Writing Assistance Center is available to assist students with writing assignments.  For debates, they provide guidance on how arguments are put together  and writing arguments to assist students preparing for debates.  Assistance is available in person or by Zoom.  Click below for lab hours and more information.


Writing Assistance CenterPhone: 210-486-3257  Location:  Gutierrez Learning Labs Rooms 102/104

E-books from the Ozuna Library