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How to use the KIC scanner

How to use the KIC Scanner

KIC scanner

The KIC scanner is located in room 227 of the Ozuna Library. There are screens to guide you and a librarian is always available to assist you.

   Note that the library's KIC is not set up to Copy, Fax, or Order Books.  

  Materials that are scanned can be emailed or saved to USB or Cloud storage   (Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.)







To start, select the type of document you want to scan on the screen. Options are Document, Book, Newspaper, Magazine, Notebook, Art, One or Multiple photos.


Click the SCAN button and Accept the Copyright agreement.

You can review your document, deleting and rescanning images as needed.  Clicking on COMPOSE allows you to edit images.








You can crop, create clips, add emojis, and annotations, etc.

Once done editing, click "finish composing" in the lower right corner. You'll be led back to the review screen and in the lower left you will see the option to email or save the scans.  Click email and you will get a screen to put in your email address - click on shift to make the @ appear.