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PAC EBooks - Search for eBooks that Palo Alto provides access to. Includes highlighted titles from the collection. Please note that the Ozuna Library has several types of downloadable/ non-downloadable eBooks and processes for accessing may differ.  Please read the PAC EBSCO eBook tab and the PAC Ebook Central tab for more information.

Free EBooks - What are free eBooks? Where can I get them? How do I download them?

EBook Readers - All about the different electronic book reading devices, the formats they use, and the future of ePublishing.

What's an eBook?

eBooks (or E-Books, or ebooks) are electronic books. They are the same as a regular book, but in a digital version. Depending on the book and the format, they can be read online, downloaded to a computer, downloaded to a separate electronic book reader (typically called e-readers), or read with or downloaded to any mobile device with internet access (such as a smartphone). Ebooks can be identical to the print version, or specially formatted for mobile devices, or enhanced with hotlinks or other navigation features. There are freely available eBooks, eBooks that you can buy, and eBooks that the library pays for and makes available to you as Palo Alto students/faculty/staff.

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