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Leisure Reading/Young Adult E-books.: Home

This guide is a directional description of how to access the collection of Leisure Reading/Young Adult e-books.


The Ozuna Library has a collection of 140 Leisure Reading and Young Adult E-books. The books can be checked out online through the library's website.

How To Find The Collection.

Click on PAC Library below, then find the section entitled, 'Find More Materials' then select the last entry, 'Leisure E-books.'

How To Sign In.

Click 'Sign In' on the upper right of the page. It will take you to a page to sign in with your library information, or you can set up an overdrive account, or you can sign in with Facebook. I prefer signing in with the Palo Alto Library. You will need your ACES and Banner number.

The Collection

The Palo Alto College Leisure Reading E-Book collection has 140 recently published novels. To select a book, you can browse the collection or search using the listed parameters or your own keywords.


You can only check out one book at a time. While you have it checked out, no one else can access it. The loan period is for 21 days. After 21 days the book is made available to other users. You do not need to do anything to return the book.

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