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BIOL 1309 - Chandler: Articles

Accessing e-resources from off campus

To access e-resources (article, e-book, film) while off campus, once you click on the database title you will see a screen where you will enter your ACES ID and your BANNER ID to verify that you are a PAC student, staff or faculty member.

If you have any issues or experience an issue logging into the e-resources, contact the Library Reference Desk via Chat or send an email to

Start here...

This database is a GREAT PLACE TO START your research.

Start with a basic search..(i.e., COVID-19).  See Key concepts in the articles for more search terms ideas.

Selected articles

Here are a few articles from our databases to get you started.  If you are off-campus, you will need your login credentials to access these articles.

Be sure to look at the Related Subjects listed with these articles for further research ideas and search terms!


Chronic Wasting Disease

Colony Collapse Disorder (in Bees)

Selected Databases for Science

Selected Databases for Health and Medicine

All Databases by Topic

Need more help?  Click on this link:

Selected articles


Remember this is a new virus.  Be sure you limit your articles to science/medicine/biology and not geopolitical news.  Search in the Subject specific (HEALTH and MEDICINE) databases for the best results.

Suggested Search Terms

Search terms often determine the success of your results.  Choose carefully and you will save time on getting the results you need. Here are suggestions for topic: COVID-19:

  • Coronavirus 2019
  • COVID 19
  • Corona epidemic
  • Infectious diseases

Adding AND with another term will help you focus your results.  Here are some possibilities:

  • COVID 19 AND symptoms
  • Coronavirus AND symptoms
  • Coronavirus AND vaccines