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NoodleTools: NoodleTools Tutorials

NoodleTools can help you with citations, organizing your research and assignment.

Notecards in NoodleTools

The videos below give a quick overview on creating and writing notecards in NoodleTools. For even more help and examples, go to NoodleTools Tutorials: Notecards

Creating Notecards in NoodleTools

NoodleTools Tutorials: Projects

How to add or edit an annotation

If you need to create annotated citations for an annotated bibliography, scroll down to the bottom of the citation form where you'll find the "Annotation" box.  Find out what goes into an Annotated Bibliography and what it looks like:

Write a notecard in NoodleTools

NoodleTools Tutorials: Citing Sources

Remember, many of our databases allow you to import citations straight from the database into your project. In most of these you will find an export link in their citation tools, but in EBSCO you have to specifically select "Export" instead of "Cite"

Export citation from EBSCO