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SOCI 1301 S.Ortiz Spring 2024: Palomino Search- Search for Books and Articles

Ozuna Library

This page provides access to several library resources in the boxes below.

Palomino Search box provides access to the Palomino Search tool. You can search for e-books, e-articles, and e-videos.

How do I use Palomino Search box provides a brief tutorial on performing a search using Palomino Search. 

REMINDER:  Ms. Ortiz requests that the resources used be within the date range of 2020-2024.  Apply the date range filter  when searching for resources.

Palomino Search

Palomino horse    Palomino Search

Use Palomino Search to search for library resources. Below are suggested search terms to aid in your search for topics covered in this class.  These search terms may also be used when searching in the library databases.


       General Search Terms

      ethnic diversity AND higher education 

      athletics AND campus engagement 

      teens AND driving safety

      education AND homeless youth 

      education AND "foster care" 

      infrastructure AND homelessness


      Linked Subject Terms

       Homeless persons Mental health services                                                              


        Protest movements                                                                                        

        Racism in higher education

        Diversity in the workplace.

        Women in the professions



Samples of E-books on Sociology Topics

How do I use Palomino Search?

REMINDER:  You can also search for articles in the Library Databases.  See Databases tab for more information.