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Forebears Research your family's surname and its geographic roots

Recommended by PAC Professors

Democracy in America: Alexis de Tocqueville’s Introduction

The Eli Whitney Museum and Workshop Named after the inventor of the cotton gin, this museum is an experimental learning workshop for students, teachers, and families that collects, interprets, and teaches experiments that are the roots of design and invention. You can see how the cotton gin works here.

University of Massachusetts Lowell Library: Center for Lowell Studies Established in 1971 to preserve and provide access to local history. Find primary source items like this transcript of a letter from a young woman working in a textile mill.

DoHistory Shows you how to piece together the past from the fragments that survived.

Useful Websites

Book Breaks - Gilder Lehrman Institute

Every Sunday at 2pm ET, Gilder Lehrman Book Breaks features the most exciting history scholars in America discussing their books live with Book Breaks hosts, followed by Q& A with home audiences.

From Books Breaks-  The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

The Immigrant Experience

Ellis Island (from the National Park Service)
Learn about this historic landmark, part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument. The website offers access to oral histories, historical photographs, and information to help research ancestors.

Tenement Museum
Preserves and interprets the history of immigration through the personal experiences of the generations of newcomers who settled in and built lives on Manhattan's Lower East Side, America's iconic immigrant neighborhood.

History of Immigration - Library of Congress
This multi-part presentation includes a section for each of the nations from which the largest numbers of people emigrated to the United States during the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Angel Island: Li Keng Wong's Story
In 1933, seven-year-old Li Keng Wong's life changed. Her father decided to move his family from a small village in China to the Chinatown in Oakland, California. Now, Li Keng will tell you her story from 70 years ago.

Immigration Timeline
A timeline showing forces behind immigration and their impact on the immigrant experience.