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NoodleTools: Home

NoodleTools can help you with citations, organizing your research and assignment.

Noodletools - Get Started


Step 1. Register and create a login and password for a Noodletools account.

  • Go to Noodletools-Sign in.
  • Off campus?  Enter your ACES ID and BANNER Number first. 
  • Once you get to the Noodletools screen…
  • Click on "REGISTER" and create your own username and password

Step 2. After you sign in, you will be on the Projects page.

  • Click on +New project button and name it
  • Choose your style: MLA, APA or Chicago/Turabian.

Step 3. From the Dashboard of your project you can:

  • Add your research question
  • Add your thesis
  • Add collaborators for group projects
  • Connect to Google
  • Make a ToDo List

Step 4. Click on Sources and create your citations.

Step  5.  Don't forget to log out of Noodletools when you finish.

Noodletools for Students

NoodleTools is a powerful platform where you organize your research project, save your notes, and create  and save your citations in the format required. You will need to create a personal NoodleTools account, so your work can be saved privately.

Great Citations with NoodleTools


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Tosca Gonsalves

NoodleTools for Faculty

NoodleTools is a powerful platform where students can organize their research project, save their notes, and create and save their citations in the format required. It also allows for collaboration among students (group projects) and for faculty to give feedback.  Each user needs to create a personal account so their work can be saved privately.