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Sociology: Home

A guide to the print and electronic resources available in the social sciences.

What is Sociology?

Sociology is defined most broadly as the study of society. It is part of the broader area of social sciences. Sociology explores topics such as social class and social mobility, cultures, religions, organizations, criminality, education, and marriage and family issues. Students who major in sociology can pursue careers in research, social work, criminal justice, health services, and business, to name just a few broad areas.

Hot Topics

As society evolves, so do the topics that are of interest to experts in the field of Sociology. Some "hot topics" in sociological research include...

  • Social media - The rapid increase in the participation in, and reliance on social media for our networking needs has caused intriguing changes in the way we interact on a personal and societal level.
  • Broadcast media - Advertisers as well as mainstream news sources continue to find new ways to influence the way we think, act, and buy. Media's impact on society is an ongoing topic of interest to social researchers as well as profiteers.
  • Family finances - As job losses mount, families that were once financially secure find themselves in unique and difficult circumstances. How does this effect the family dynamic?
  • Religion and faith - Trends point toward both an increase in church attendance and a decrease in the number of people who identify with a particular religion. How to explain the contradictions? And what do these trends mean for American society?

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