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Texas History and Texas Government: Oral History

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PAC Oral History Project

"My greatest joy as a teacher is being that person who "made them" interview a loved one. Nothing has been more rewarding in my many years of community college teaching than having students do oral history. All the history omitted from the traditional textbook is alive and well when students go beyond the large sweep of the past. From the immigrant grandmother who came to America to find a better life for herself and her young child to the grandfather who was pinsetter at a local bowling alley, each oral history weaves another patch into the American tapestry. Oral history provides a path to the past that few students have ever ventured to trod. It's the road less traveled. And it’s a trip they’ll always remember."

Associate Professor Peter Myers

From the Institute of Texan Cultures

About the Oral History Collection


A collection of oral histories from the holdings of UTSA Libraries Special Collections. The bulk of the interviews in this collection are part of the Institute of Texan Cultures Oral History Collection. See the Online Guide to the Collection for more information.

Specific Projects in the collection include the following:

Other Oral History Resources