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Kinesiology: Streaming Video

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The Coach

"The Coach."  directed by Anonymous , produced by Jason Sacca, Jon Carras, and Columbia Broadcasting System. , Columbia Broadcasting System, 2009. Alexander Street,

Psychology of Sport

This program discusses the growth and development of sport psychology, applications and techniques used in sport psychology, extrinsic and intrinsic aspects of sport participation as well as exercise. The factors that motivate athletes are examined along with common social and cognitive-behavioral theories applied by sport psychologists such as self-efficacy theory and self-determination theory.

Physical Training Strategies

This program gives instruction on choosing and using the right training strategies to ensure maximum performance during physical activity. Topics for discussion include: the three energy systems in the body and each one’s involvement in athletic exertion; types of continuous, interval, and resistance training methods and each one’s effect on the energy systems; and the specificity, duration, frequency, intensity, and diminishing return principles of training. Footage of many sports and events illustrates the topics, providing practice to the theory. (26 minutes)