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Viet Nam War

Manhattan Project

Leslie Groves and J. Robert Oppenheimer

The Manhattan Project is not an event as such, but an important historical project.  The Manhattan Project: An Interactive History was created by the US Department of Energy to give an overview of the people, places, events, and science involved.

Civil War


The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum was established by an act of Congress that mandated the creation of a "permanent living memorial to the victims of the Holocaust." It is the material that belonged to those victims and survivors and other materials that relate their stories, experiences, and histories that form the basis of the collection of the Museum. Many of the objects in the Museum's collection have been donated by individuals who directly experienced the Holocaust or by their families, and those objects are often imbued with tremendous emotion, personal meaning, and historical importance. The Museum's Office of Collections is responsible for the acquisition, conservation, and maintenance of the nation's physical evidence of the Holocaust. Combining both published and unpublished materials, the Office collects, preserves and makes available to the public the historical record of the Holocaust and supports the Museum's wide-ranging efforts in the areas of research, exhibi