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San Antonio Poetry Archive at Palo Alto College: Interviewing Local Poets

San Antonio Poets Interviewed in 2015

Wendy Barker
Jacinto Jesus (Jesse) Cardona
Rosemary Catacalos
Vincent Cooper
Fernando Flores
Dino Foxx
Sheila Sanchez Hatch
Jason "Shaggy" Gossard
Laurie Ann Guerrero
Victoria Zapata Klein
Bryce Milligan
Naomi Nye
Laura Van Prooyen
Sharon Olinka
Gerald Robledo
Andrea "Vocab" Sanderson 
Carmen Tafolla
Natalia Trevino


In 2015, Palo Alto College students, under the supervision of a faculty member, interviewed local poets selected from a list provided by Laurie Ann Guerrero, the San Antonio Poet Laureate and project creator.  Students transcribed the interviews and provided a written analysis of the interview.  These items, as well as other items gathered by the student interviewers, make up the first 16 collections in the Archive.

Student Interviewers

Isabel Aguilar is currently attending Palo Alto College to earn an Associates Degree in Business Management and Business Administration, 3 + 1 Program.  After graduating from Palo Alto College, she will transfer to Texas A & M University San Antonio to pursue a Bachelor Degree in Business Management and Business Administration.  She hopes to utilize what she is learning about business to improve her endeavor in designing gift baskets and other various arts & crafts.

Joshua Alfaro is a 23 year old aspiring artist born and raised in San Antonio, TX. Coming from a background of homelessness, drug-abuse, and family violence as a child; expressing himself through art was life-changing for him. Joshua is very driven to achieve his dreams and ambitions of working as an artist in order to give back to under-represented communities. Participating in the San Antonio Poetry Archive at Palo Alto has created another path for him to expand his artistic expression, while giving back to the college that has already given him so much.

Sarah Burchett is an English major who received an Associate of Arts in English from Palo Alto College in the Fall of 2015. She is currently continuing her education in hopes of earning my Bachelor's Degree in English and hopes to become a professional writer, and maybe one day return to Palo Alto College to teach as a Creative Writing Professor.

After serving in the United States Army Ben Longoria decided to pursue his love of writing. He is the author of The Hound of Endtown. Other works include the short story, The Girl in White, American Monsters, Luis and Amanda, and the first book in his magnum opus- A Death Solar. His A Death Solar series was discussed in the LA Times and was the focus of his Seattle based band.