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San Antonio Poetry Archive at Palo Alto College: General Information

Archives Access

In order to properly accommodate your research needs, access is
by appointment only.


Archives Reading Room
Ozuna Library
1400 W. Villaret
San Antonio, TX  78224
Phone (210) 486-3575


All visitors will be required to sign the PAC Archives Visitor Register and should be prepared to produce valid identification if the attending librarian requests it. The visitor's register is kept for usage and other statistical purposes and is protected under the rules of confidentiality of library users.

Trained library staff will be available to assist visitors in using finding aids (i.e. databases and indexes) to identify and locate archival materials. Visitors must follow the preservation guidelines for using materials in the Archives.

Palomino Pen

Are you a student at Palo Alto College?

Come express yourself through creative writing! The Palomino Pen: Creative Writing Studio series is an opportunity for students to learn about and express themselves through creative writing and receive tips and optional feedback on how to improve their writing. From learning about effective songwriting techniques to performing a slam poem to expressing yourself through imagery, there is something in the series for everyone.


More information available on Alamo Experience

Newest Additions to the Collection

2024 Pen to Paper Participants