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Celebration of the Month Library Exhibits: Women's History Month

Celebrate monthly events with these commemorative library exhibits!

Women's History Month 2023 Library Exhibit

The Ozuna Library celebrates Women's History Month with a poster exhibit titled  Picturing Women Inventors from the Smithsonian Traveling Exhibition Service.  This poster exhibit highlights the achievement of American women inventors in fields such as science, business, etc.  The exhibit will be on display March 1-31, 2023  during the Ozuna Library’s hours of operation.



Women Inventors

Mothers of Invention

All of the following were discovered or invented by women: nuclear fission, pink champagne, solar heating, the bra, drip coffee, radioactivity, the Barbie doll, pulsars, the ice cream cone. But how many of these women's names and achievements are remembered by history? Informative, poignant, and sometimes very funny, this book presents the stories of some remarkable women who did not let the odds stop them from tinkering with the way things were and coming up with something better.

Mothers and Daughters of Invention

Written in an engaging and accessible style, this first broadly focused compensatory history of technology not only includes women's contributions but begins the long-overdue task of redefining technology and significant technology and to value these contributions correctly. Stanley traces women's inventions in five vital areas of technology worldwide--agriculture, medicine, reproduction, machines, and computers--from prehistory (or origin) forward, profiling hundreds of women, both famous and obscure. The author does not ignore theory. She contributes a paradigm for male takeovers of technologies originated by women.

Women of color in STEM : navigating the workforce

"Women of Color in STEM: Navigating the Workforce is an opportunity for making public the life stories of women of color who have persevered in STEM workplace settings. The authors used various critical theories to situate and make visible the lives of women of color in such disciplines and workplace contexts like mathematics, science, engineering, NASA, academia, government agencies, and others. They skillfully centered women and their experiences at the intersection of their identity dimensions of race, class, gender, and their respective discipline. While the disciplines and career contexts vary, the oppression, alienation, and social inequities were common realities for all. Despite the challenges, the women were resilient and persevered with tenacity, a strong sense of self as a person of color, and reliance on family, community, mentors, and spirituality. While we celebrated the successes, it is critical that organizational leaders, whether in education or other workplace settings, draw from narratives and counter-narratives of these women to improve the organizational climate where individuals can thrive, despite their racial, class and gender identity. This book will assist educational communities, professional communities, and families to understand their roles and responsibilities in increasing the number of women of color in STEM"--Provided by publisher.