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Faculty Resources: Overview

Information, forms, and library resources for PAC faculty.

This guide includes information about Library Instruction, Reserves, Interlibrary Loan, and other information of interest to Palo Alto faculty. For general library help, please contact the library chat.

Library Liaisons

Each subject area or academic department has been assigned to a Library liaison. The librarian assigned to your area will make recommendations for purchase of new materials, oversee periodical availability, and make deselection decisions. Ideally, classroom faculty will work with the librarian in their area to ensure the best-informed decisions regarding library resources and materials. The list of library liaisons for FY24 is below:




 Tosca Gonsalves               210-486-3573

English/Foreign Languages/INRW, Library Science

Susan Puccio                      210-486 -3573

Mathematics, Accounting

Andrew Rivera              210-486-3560

Career and Technical Education, Science and Kinesiology, Chidren’s Library

Cynthia Sanchez                210-486 -3563

 Behavioral Sciences incl.  Mexican-American Studies; Fine and Performing Arts/Speech and    Communication; Social Sciences; Student Development/EDUC; Community Programs; 

 B.J. Schanzer               210-486-3578

 Young Adult and Leisure Reading

 Sara Schmidt             210-486-3575

 Palo Alto College Archives and San Antonio Poetry Archives

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Palomino Search provides you with access to most of the Ozuna Library’s resources via a single entry point.  You can search for books, e-books, e-videos, journal articles, and much more.  Check out the tutorial to search most efficiently.

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