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Faculty Resources: Library Instruction Options

Information, forms, and library resources for PAC faculty.

Library Instruction Opitons

 Library Instruction 

The librarians of the Ozuna Library provide library instruction classes throughout the academic year upon faculty request. Standard library instruction classes are available or classes may be tailored to course assignments. Instruction is available face to face, via Zoom, or by asynchronous pre-recorded session.  Library instruction requests must be submitted at least two weeks before the requested class date. Requests submitted less that 2weeks prior to the desired class date will not be accepted.  Please note that students must have their ACES Username and Banner Number in order to access the library's e-resources.

For assistance, please contact Cynthia Sanchez ( 210-486-3563). If Cynthia Sanchez is unavailable, please call the Reference Desk at 210-486-3557.

We recommend that:

  • the classroom instructor be with the students at the library session;
  • instructor assigned students the research that the librarian will address prior to session;
  • the instructor provides the librarian with a copy of the assignment prior to session.

Library Instruction Request Form

You may also request a library guide to support your courses. Library guides can be assignment specific or cover a general topic. 

Library Information Literacy Modules

The modules are a collection information literacy tutorials and videos with a quiz administered at the end of each module. There are six information literacy modules available. Each tab contains module.

   Module 1: The Research Process: Choosing/ Narrowing a Topic, Background Research, Thesis Statements

   Module 2:  Sources of Information:  Types of Sources, Primary/ Secondary Sources, Peer Review, Scholarly Sources

   Module 3:  Searching for Information:  Keywords, Search Techniques

   Module 4:  Evaluating Information:  Evaluating Resources, Web Sources, Authority

   Module 5:  Presenting Information:  Synthesizing Information, Research Paper

   Module 6: Citation and Academic Integrity:  Citing Resources, APA /MLA, Plagiarism

Library Information Literacy Modules


For assistance, please contact Cynthia Sanchez ( If Cynthia Sanchez is unavailable, please contact the Reference Desk (