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Faculty Resources: Meet Your Librarians

Information, forms, and library resources for PAC faculty.

Tosca Gonsalves, E-Resources Librarian

Tosca dressed as "Super Librarian" for Halloween

Tosca Gonsalves

Academic Background: Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Journalism; Master of Arts (MA) in Spanish; Master of Library and Information Sciences (MLIS)

Subject Specialties: English and Foreign Languages; Professional and Technical Education

Recent Continuing Education: Annual Conferences of Texas Library Association; Effective Managers Training

What I'm Reading: El infinito en un junco: La invención de los libros en el mundo antiguo by Irene Vallejo (English title: Papyrus: the invention of books in the ancient world

Favorite hobby: Love to cook and travel. In recent years genealogy has become a passion!

Fun Fact: I'm from Suriname, South America.

Sara Schmidt, Archivist

Photo of Sara Schmidt, a woman with fair skin and light hair, positioned prominently at front, with a landscape of desert scrub nearby and large rocks much further back. Photo taken at sunrise at Kata Tjuta, Australia

Sara Schmidt

Academic Background: Bachelor of Arts (BA) in History and German; Master of Library Science (MLS)

Subject Specialties: History, Archiving, Special Collections, Using Primary Sources in the Classroom

Recent Continuing Education: "Primary Source Pedagogy" (2021); Currently enrolled in Master of Arts in History program at Texas State University

What I'm Reading Right Now: "Remarkably Bright Creatures" by Shelby Van Pelt and "Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow" by Gabrielle Zevin

Fun Fact: I have a goal to spend as many birthdays in foreign countries as possible. I've spent it in Australia, Canada, Germany, and Scotland just to name a few!

Stephanie Mozzo, Reference Librarian








Stephanie Mozzo

Academic Background: Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Interdisciplinary Studies - Education - Generalist 4-8; Master of Library Science (MLS)

Subject Specialties: Education

Recent Continuing Education: "Intro to Canva"

What I'm Reading Right Now: Who Cooked the Last Supper? by Rosalind Miles; Starter Villain by John Scalzi; Black Butler, Vol1 by Yana Toboso (translated by Tomo Kimura)

Cynthia Sanchez, Lead Reference Librarian


Cynthia Sanchez

Academic Background: Bachelor of Arts (BA) in American Studies with an Emphasis in Borderland Studies; Master of Library Science (MLS)

Subject Liaison for: Mexican American Studies; Social Sciences; Behavioral Sciences; Fine and Performing Arts; Communication and Speech

Recent Continuing Education: "AI Tools"

What I'm Reading:  Gloria Steinem:  My Life on the Road

Fun Fact: I love concerts and have attended over 50 of them.

Judy Gallien, Reference Librarian

Judy Gallien

Academic Background: Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English and Library Science; Master of Library Science (MLS)

Subject Specialties: Literature and Grammar

Recent Continuing Education: "Post-pandemic Libraries: Writing the Next Chapter" (2021); "The Virtual Learning Environment" (2021) 

What I Am Currently Reading: "Call the Canaries Home" by Laura Barrow

Fun Fact: My favorite hobby is reading, and always has been since I learned to read.  Favorite authors are Larry McMurtry,  Stephen King, John Grisham, Gregg Olsen, JoHo Moyes, Paulette Jiles, and others.  

Susan Puccio, Reference Librarian

Susan Puccio

Academic Background: Bachelor of Science (BS) in Early Education and Mathematics; Master of Arts (MA) in Special Education; Master of Science in Library Science (MLS)

Subject Specialties: Mathematics, Engineering, and Accounting

Recent Continuing Education: Open Education and Community Impact (April 2023); Transformative Power of Open Education! (May 2023)

What I'm Reading Right Now: Where Research Begins: Choosing a Research Project that Matters to You (and the World) byThomas Mullaney and Christopher Rea

Hobbies: Counted Cross-Stich, Playing the Viola, Gardening, and Road Trips

Fun Fact: I adopted a dog from PAC Vet Tech in 2019.

Andrew Rivera

Andrew Rivera

Academic Background: Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA); Master of Library Science (MLS);  Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Subject Specialties: Career and Technical Education; Advanced Manufacturing Technology; Agriculture; Engineering; Healthcare Administration; Logisitics Management Technology; Vet Tech; Technology; Cosmetology; Horticulture; Science & Kinesiology; Business Administration

Recent Continuing Education: Excel Pivot Tables

Fun Fact: Hobbies include making models and welding

BJ Schanzer, Reference Librarian

BJ Schanzer

Academic Background: Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Drama; Master of Library and Information Sciences (MLIS)

Subject Specialties: Leisure reading, Young Adult Literature

Recent Continuing Education: "Noodle Tools: Creating a Citation, How to Use, and Creating Note Cards" (2021); "Unlock Your LibGuide's Potential" (2021); American Heart Association Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED class (2023)

What I'm Reading Right Now: The Bible using a Bible Reading Plan that groups scriptures that are related

Favorite Hobby: Road trips, especially to natural areas

Fun Fact: I love looking at rocks!

Diana Guthrie, Reference Librarian

Diana Guthrie

Academic Background: Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English & History; Master in Library & Information Science (MLIS)

Subject Specialties: Literature, LGBTQ+, history, and dogs!

Recent Continuing Education: "Digital Accessibility for the Modern Workplace" (2021)

Hobbies: Collecting Mid-Century swung vases and fairy lamps

Fun Fact: I hate the Oxford comma and refuse to use it!

(note: creator of page is an adamant user of Oxford comma and has inserted it into above subject list much to Diana's chagrin)