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Ozuna Library Help Guide: Go Print Instructions

For students and faculty

Go Print

Printing in the Ozuna Library

Printing is available in the Ozuna Library (2nd floor) during library hours.  The Ozuna Library offers printing services through the Go Print system.  A Go Print account is required to access printing.  Print costs are noted below.  Printing is only available through on campus computers.  Wifi printing from personal devices is not available.

Step 1 You can access Go Print

    • Option A
      •  Bring up Go Print prompt by clicking on  File then Print in your document.
      • Select print options print options:  black and white/ single or double sided, etc.
      • Black and white: 5 cents single-sided/ 6 cents double-sided

Color: 40 cents single-sided 70 cents double-sided

      • Click Print again to initiate Go Print prompt.  Go to Step 2.
    • Option B
      • Click on the ^ in the lower right corner of the screen.
      • Click on Go Print icon.
      • Check print options:  black and white/ single or double sided etc.
      • Select Print again to initiate Go Print prompt.  Go to Step 2.

Step 2 Create Go Print Account

    • Enter your email (personal or student) in the Sign-Up box and click Sign Up.
    • Create a Login ID.  Using your Banner number is not recommended. 
    • Enter your First Name and Last Name.
    • Create a password.
    • Write down your password for future use.
    • Click Create.

Step 3 Log into your Go Print Account (See graphic #3)

  •  Enter your account using the Login ID and Password that you created.
  • Click Sign In.

Step 4 Add Funds to your Go Print Account * (See Graphic #4)

  • Option A:  Credit / Debit Card ($2 minimum)
    • Click on Add Value in the Account Summary box (upper left).
    • Enter the amount of funds to be added.
    • Follow the prompts to enter your card information.
    • Return to the Go Print screen by clicking My Print Jobs at the top of the screen.

  • Option B:  Cash ($1 minimum)
    • Use the cash add value machine located outside of Copy Room #227.
    • Enter your Go Print account Login ID and Password.
    • Click on Get Balance/Add Funds box and insert bills.
    • The cash add value machine accepts $1 and $5 bills. The machine does not give change back or accept coins.
    • Bills for coins or breaking of large bills is available at the Circulation Desk.

*You may be prompted to select a browser within these steps.  Select the browser and click OK.

Step 5 Printing your document

  • Go Print prompt with display a check box next to the pending print job(s).  Click box to select print job then Click to Print.
  • Print job will release from the black and white or color printers in Room #227.( See graphic #1 and #2.)
  • Log off when you have completed your printing.

As always, ask a librarian if you need assistance in setting up your account.

Steps to Print

Graphic #1


Graphic #2

Graphics for Go Print Account

Graphic #3


Graphic #4