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Ozuna Library Help Guide: NoodleTools Password Reset

For students and faculty

NoodleTools Reset

Resetting Password for NoodleTools

  • go to NoodleTools log in box
  • click on Forgot Password?
  • Retrieve Password pop up will appear
  • do not enter any info until the student selects the option of what type of institution provides access to them K-12 or college or university (default setting is K - 12)
  • click on A subscription I have is through my college or university





  • enter the Personal ID (Noodle Tools login)
  • enter the email address (doesn't have to be the school email)
  • click Retrieve Password
  • collect their contact info it the student continues to have issues and email Tosca and Cynthia so that they can follow up
  • inform the student that a supervisor will follow up