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Archives at Ozuna Library: General Information


General copyright laws are applied for individually owned publications, and public record items might be copied upon the payment of a reasonable fee.

Guided by established copyright regulations, trained librarians will assist visitors with photocopying and/or scanning of archival materials. Trained librarians will assist visitors with photocopying and/or scanning of archival materials.

Records Management

Departments and offices at Palo Alto College are encouraged to consult the Texas State Library and Archives Commission's Local Retention Schedules to assist with record-keeping practices.  Additionally, archives staff are available to advise departments and offices on which records, print or electronic, should be retained, destroyed, or transferred to the Archives. Please contact the the library, at 210-486-3575 or via email for assistance with any kind of archives inquiry. 

Types of Materials Collected - Palo Alto Related Collections

The PAC Archives document the history of the college by collecting materials created by the administration, faculty, students, and staff during their time at the College. The Archives collects all official College publications. Following publications represent the types of materials that are considered to have archival value, and thus acquired by the College's Archives:

  • Academic Course Catalogs
  • Schedule of classes
  • Official Calendars
  • College brochures, promotional material, and posters
  • Student handbooks and guides
  • Financial Aid booklets
  • Faculty manuals and handbooks
  • Student and staff magazines, newspapers, and newsletters
  • Faculty & staff publications
  • Programs from College Events: Convocation, Commencement, Dedication Ceremonies, etc.

The Archives collects various documents produced by and for the College that provide a record of activities. Historical documents include official records from the Office of the College President, SACS accreditation records, committee agendas and meeting minutes (including Board of Trustees meetings), evaluations and reports, and event program records. Only those College records determined by the Archives to have enduring historical value will be accepted.

The items are part of the Archives collection and the list continues to expand.

  • Chancellor Reports
  • ACCD newsletters
  • Blueprints