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Reference Handbook: A la Carte Instructions

Online version of the outdated desk model!

Check List

Library A la Carte checklist:


  • Get the key to the Carte keys from basket on top of safe
  • Walkie-talkie from cradle – on top of cabinets in 204
  • I-Pad – in cabinet in 204 or rolling cart in Cynthia’s office
  • Laptop – in cabinet in 204 or rolling cart in Cynthia’s office
  • Snacks & drinks – in closet in 204
  • On assigned days - unplug Carte, adjust rain gear and mirrors
  • Proceed to Library a la Carte area outside Student center
  • Set up table, chairs, handouts, snacks and i-Pad and laptop
  • Keep track of the number of student contacts on the stat sheet
  • Ask students to complete a survey


  • Repack Carte
  • Return Carte. Plug it in to recharge. Lock doors
  • Return rolling supply cart to room 204 or Cynthia’s office. The only things that should be in there are:
    • Laptop, i-Pad, walkie-talkie, daily stat sheet, completed surveys, completed ILL requests and any returned materials
  • Return the keys to basket
  • Replenish any handouts or supplies that are running low
  • Return Walkie-Talkie to the recharge cradle in 204
  • Return i-Pad and laptop to room where you got the cart.  Recharge the i-Pad, the i-Pad keyboard (two cords) and laptop. 
  • Give stat sheet and completed surveys to Cynthia
  • Give completed ILL requests and returned materials to Circulation


              If it starts to rain or you think it is about to rain due to clouds, wind, thunder and/or lightning,  or if there is any other  unfavorable weather condition move into the Student Center Annex.  If you move, let the next person scheduled know where you are located.



Revised 07/14/20