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Reference Handbook: Book a Librarian Instructions

Online version of the outdated desk model!

Quick Info

FOR LIBRARIANS :Book a Librarian Service Information

Please review the Book a Librarian Procedure for information on managing your appointments.


  • Librarians are assigned scheduled shifts of availability during BAL hours of operation. The schedule is based on staffing availability.  A set schedule is created for each semester based on staffing availability.
  • All librarians will be scheduled as staffing for BAL.  Part time librarians will fill in availabilty
  • Cynthia will manage the schedule.

Service Overview

BOOK A LIBRARIAN (BAL) :The librarians at the Ozuna Library are available to help. Schedule a one-on-one appointment with a librarian through the Ozuna Library's Book a Librarian service. Librarians can assist you in navigating the library's search tools such as Palomino Search and library databases to explore the library's robust collection of print and electronic resources.                                                                                                                         

 Book a Librarian Hours of Operation             Monday - Thursday: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.       

Click on the teal Schedule Appointment button below to schedule an appointment. Confirmation emails will come from LibCal. 

  • Appointments are 50 minutes in duration. 
  • Appointments must be scheduled at least two hours in advance.  Exception:  8am appointments must be made at least 1 business day in advance. 
  • At this time, only virtual appointments are available.
  • You may schedule an appointment by selecting from the available appointment times or by a specific librarian.
  • All PAC librarians are knowledgeable in assisting  students with research on any subject.  In addition, our librarians have specialized experience in specific subjects.  For information about the librarian subject areas, click the   i   icon next to next to the librarian's name.       
  • Note to Faculty:  To request library instruction for your class, please submit a Faculty Request for Instruction.  The Book a Librarian service is for  one on one individualized appointments with a librarian.    

Non BAL Requests Received

On occasion, patrons will mistakenly submit a BAL request for basic reference questions, instruction requests, etc.  For non BAL requests submitted using the BAL form, please address them as follows. 

  • General Reference Questions: Because appointment email is sent by Lib Cal, not directly from the patron's email, reply to the patron by  forwarding the appointment request email  using the patron's email provided on the form and address the question.  If the student is satisfied with the response and no meeting is needed, log the transaction as an email reference transaction in Ref Analytics.  Make a note in the Internal Note field as Book a Librarian. Notify Cynthia to delete the appointment in the Lib Cal system. Librarians who are trained to manage BAL appointments in Lib Cal will delete their appointments.
  • Library Instruction Requests:  Please forward requests to Cynthia for follow up with the faculty member.